The idea of ​​making masculine swimsuits capable of enhancing the wearer’s body comes from an intuition of the two creators.

The collections of Murru can boast the right mix between the South American warmth and the quality of Italian manufacturing.

All Murru Trainer creations are made entirely in Italy: the choice of fabrics, the processing of garments, the use of printing techniques to obtain the best result possible, all seasoned with the passion and dedication of the two creators.


But how is the name that gives rise to the creation of the Murru Trainer brand?

Murru really exists and is a dachshund living in Caracas, Venezuela.

A bit for fun, a bit for the passion for fitness that unites them, the designers decide to combine their talents, dedicating themselves to the production of articles aimed at mainly to a public that loves fitness, well-being and the taste of fashion.

The Murru Trainer creations have been designed to highlight male physical forms and to offer an advantage to those who love being admired on the beach.